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Kakashi is rescued from the air by Kurotsuchi. As she escorts him to the ground he watches as Kahyō uses ice to glide the Tobishachimaru to a clearing by the Blood Prison. Kurotsuchi drops him off and the Tsuchikage, before leaving, gives him a message for Tsunade: the next generation will inevitably replace their own. As he watches Konoha's ninja wrangle the remainder of the escaped prisoners, Kakashi can't help but feel this is true and that he, as Hokage, would like to watch over things until they're ready.

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The passengers emerge from the wreck of the Tobishachimaru. Although some are battered and bruised — Sakura Haruno heals those who are — nobody died in the crash. When Kahyō emerges, Tsunade orders she be taken into custody because the Armament Alliance's stunt has destroyed Konoha's credibility and caused the Land of Waves to abandon their plans for airborne transportation. Before she can have Kahyō thrown into jail, Kakashi appears and asks to be allowed to decide her punishment.

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At the Blood Prison, Konoha's forces watch the Tobishachimaru high above, wondering what's happening on board. They eventually notice that the Tobishachimaru is rising higher into the sky and conclude the threat is over. Parachutes start descending around the Prison and the Konoha ninja prepare to meet them, but are surprised when they start detonating holes in the Prison's walls. Shikamaru realises what must be happening and coordinates efforts to stop the parachutes from hitting the ground and also saving the people the explosive are attached to. Meanwhile, as prisoners start to escape, Armament Alliance forces storm in looking for Garyō. As they get a handle on neutralising the bombs, Shikamaru sends some of them after the escaped prisoners while he goes after Garyō. As he nears, however, he finds Garyō coming toward him instead, Ino already being in control of his body. Shikamaru escorts Ino/Garyō back to the Blood Prison.

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Having lost both his friend’s eye and his greatest abilities, can Kakashi protect anyone from his coldhearted foe? What is the true meaning of the Will of Fire gained in the distant heavens? Kakashi finds these answers and more as he enters a new ninja era.

Kakashi asks Kahyō what she's done to him, to which she explains that she branded him with her Chains of Ice when they first met. Despite having neutralised Kakashi, she agrees to his request (against Rahyō's protests) and allows the boy and his mother leave, but she warns Sai that she will kill a hostage if she sees him again. After Sai is gone, one of the passengers complains about this special treatment, asking if he would have been allowed to go if he brought a sick child. Kahyō freezes him to death. She explains that this is what her Chains of Ice do to normal people for those with chakra, it only prevents them from using chakra for anything other than saving themselves.

After Tsunade angrily knocks Naruto unconscious, she too asks about Kakashi's plans. Kakashi feels unqualified since he no longer has his Sharingan and therefore can't properly use the Lightning Cutter anymore. He asks for her to wait until his current mission is complete before demanding his decision. Kakashi is to oversee security for the maiden voyage of the Tobishachimaru , as most of Konoha's other forces are on guard duty for the Blood Prison in the wake of the death of Mui , its previous warden, several years earlier. Tsunade wishes Kakashi luck and reminds him that the Tobishachimaru's existence is currently supposed to be a secret from the other Five Great Shinobi Countries.

Kahyō shares her history with Kakashi, how she left Kirigakure so that her son, Hakuhyō, would not suffer because of how he was born and be corrupted by the village's dark practises. They settled in the Land of Waves and found the happiness she wanted for a time. Hakuhyō died in time, stung by hornets and with no doctors to save him this is the part of the story Kakashi heard before. What Kahyō never mentioned was that Hakuhyō was stung while protecting a friend of his, even using his Ice Release to keep the friend safe. The friend responded by abandoning Hakuhyō, not wanting anything to do with someone who had abilities like Hakuhyō did. This proved to Kahyō that, no matter how hard she tried, she could not escape the cruelties of the world. Kakashi has no response to her story and allows Rahyō's men to take him prisoner.

Kakashi reveals himself and demands they stop, explaining to the passengers what's happening. The passengers can't remove the parachutes on their own and Rahyō's men start throwing them over board. Kakashi intervenes, briefly diverting his chakra from fending off the ice in order to use Purple Electricity on the remaining passengers and release them from the parachutes. While Kakashi dedicates his chakra back to regulating his body temperature, Kahyō questions Rahyō about whether Kakashi's accusation is true. Rahyō reluctantly says it is. Saddened, Kahyō attacks Kakashi but her ice projectiles miss and Kakashi, in his counter, discovers the ice binding him is gone. He attacks her, but stops short of killing her, realising that's what she wanted.