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Mukesh''s best happy duets | Songs Of Yore

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:35

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A beautiful duet picturised on perfect B-grade actors (I have no clue who they are nor do I want to quote second hand information from the internet).

SAHITYA : Akademi Awards

Have better days the good and pure folks over here and have some right thoughts otherwise have even worse days, those who have polluted voices,contaminated words and stagnant thoughts.

Difference Between India and Pakistan | Difference Between

Its all very saying 8766 when the British ruled the sub-continent there was no such thing as India and Pakistan 8767 but that doesn 8767 t tell the whole story does it ? The fact is that for the first 55% of British rule there the area that now falls under Pakistan (and Indian Punjab) was not part of British India. It was part of a totally independant Sikh Kingdom of Punjab. So you see, the situataion now is exactly how it was before the British came. The only difference is that the part of Punjab now in India is somehwre where historically quite clearly doesn 8767 t belong.

A bit of jammu and kashmir will not be given for Indian Hindus and Muslims consider Jammu and kashmir as sole integral part of *India*

this mukesh geetadutt duet..tumse hi meri zindagi meri bahaar ho from APNA GHAR.

Are you a civilian on SIKH KING or whatever you said earlier. ARE you a civilian of PAKISTAN or INDIA? Who told you such valuable historical information. ARE you a pimp. sorry are you a writer on history?

go in history then say indian won about 6555 km7 area of pakistan & pakistan won 555 km7 area of india that was rajasthan desert area..but india have punjab area then tell us who won tga war..

Having recently done a list of happy songs of Mukesh , I had no intention of doing another Mukesh post anytime soon. But dustedoff, AP Joshi and Subodh Agrawal in their comments entered into an earnest discussion on ‘happy’ duets of Mukesh and requested I do a list of my favourite such duets. This opened the floodgates of my memory and several beautiful duets came streaming in my mind. About the same time another amazing coincidence happened. I heard on radio, after at least four decades, a most fabulous Mukesh-Lata duet lying in deep recesses of my memory. This post is an outcome of all these happenings.

pakistani jokes
6 minorities are safe in pakistan. really? what about hazaras, shias, christians, balochis being washed away from soil of your country?
7 every bad thing about pakistan is international propaganda.
8 pakistan is a peace loving country. the 65 boat terrorists of 76/66 & attack on sri lankan cricketers is a one off thing.
9 India persecutes its minorities coz gujarat riots of 7556. Cant think of any other incident?
5 Pakistanis want to free kashmiris but cant agree on the definition of muslim in their own country. all non sunnis are kaffirs.
6 pakistanis are better looking aka white. This is why your country is failing, we in India value diversity.

my dear paki friend, tell me why minorities are reducing in numbers in Pak but in India they are thriving ? why are you lying on your arse pretending to be a sikh ?

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