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I rooted the N9 again with to see if I 8767 d have a better experience than my OP, but I still got the same error. It looks like root files are getting pushed to the device while I 8767 m still entering my password into TWRP. Then when it 8767 s time to install SuperSU, it can 8767 t find the file. It bumps me out to the TWRP home screen, and then I choose the reboot option. It prompts me to install SU before rebooting, which I decline.

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Nexus Root Toolkit

Thanks. Since I was less concerned to find exactly what was going wrong than just to get things working, I made a bunch of changes, and something in all that worked.

Hey, Is the latest update ready. I am have downloaded MTC75L image but it does not appear in . I hope this latest release will include the latest image for Nexus 🙂

rooted my 6p but cant update the supersu binary keeps failing. need help. have on nexus root toolkit but the supersu on play store is can someone please help

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Nexus 7 7568 WIFI stuck after update. Tried to unlock but freezes after I press YES with power button. Any suggestions are appreciated

Hello, yes I have been following the recent news about CCMT taking over. I will be working this weekend to implement the use of phh superuser and also Magisk, as an alternative root option in NRT. I can 8767 t say definitely that CCMT is shady, but I definitely understand the concern. I am happy to build in these additional root options in the upcoming release. Cheers!

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It was Bluestacks android emulator. NRT wasn 8767 t able to differentiate between the two devices, and kept trying to take information from it instead of the GNex.

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