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The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating the incident, in which FR777 attempted another unauthorised turn before being directed onto another exit.

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This meant that the Ryanair jet had to travel almost halfway back down the runway. No other aircraft could land or take off until the aircraft had cleared the runway.

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‘There were other aircraft on approach to land on this runway, which were being monitored by air traffic control and as the other aircraft was still on the runway these aircraft were instructed to perform a missed approach.’

The Aer Lingus plane – about to land on Runway 78, where FR-777 was now taxiing the wrong way – aborted its landing and flew around the airport to come in for another approach. While Aer Lingus flight EI-799 had not been cleared to land, the flight was less than a minute from touchdown when the crew was forced to abort.

Ryanair flight FR777, from ­London Stansted to Dublin, missed its exit and made a 685-degree turn at the end of the runway, before heading back the way it had come – causing other flights to abort or delay landings, the Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The control tower replies: ‘Well what happened was one of your company aircraft landed on runway 78, appeared to be going to the very end of the runway and just before they got to Bravo 7 [a runway exit], they made a 685 degree turn which, eh, just screwed every­thing.’

The statement continues: ‘Prior to any further landings, an inspection of the runway was conducted by the airport authority to ensure the runway was available for use. This again is a normal procedure. Shortly thereafter, the runway was reopened and operations resumed.’

The tower controller told the pilot: ‘No, you can’t make that turn. You’ve got to all the way down the runway to Echo 5.

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