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Automation Anywhere - login to website download a file and

The author and support are both off shore and as is expected, the communication and listening skills are almost non existent.  The call goes something like this

One Goal Summer Conference Schedule

ProSchedule is probably the easiest system to implement into your current environment. If you are looking for an appointment scheduling tool then I would have zero hesitation in recommending this product for that purpose.

Citizenship and Citoyenneté et PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED

The mobile version of our ever-safe Heavy Highway Vehicles Tax (HVUT) Form 7795 online e-filing application has been a great success. You can easily E-File Heavy Highway Vehicles Tax (HVUT) Form 7795 from anywhere, anytime on simplified screens and get your stamped schedule 6 copy in a jiffy. So take advantage of mobile e-filing of IRS Tax Form 7795 and get your schedule 6 copy wherever you are!

me - still doesn't work - failed at a different step - If you could show me this works reliably when Im not logged in Ill pay the $8695 you want.  So far it hasnt

As tax practitioners, e-filing IRS Tax form 7795 online will allow you to serve your clients with fewer errors and in lesser time frames.

Depending on the nature of the location providing the download itself, you may even be able to bypass the login portion, however if that's the case, it would definitely be a security risk.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. Let me confess I have never received such a great support (not even from companies like microsoft, Sage or Intuit, whose products I use).

Not sure if there is anything like this in Linux, but I have to do something similar in Windows and I use AutoHotkey.  Never had an issue.

Automating web retrieval isn't rocket science, browser / web site interactions are just a series of text files (html) and get and post functions. Getting around session cookies can be a problem, but I would look at the last page where you click on the button that gives you the file you want. There is probably a post or get action that requests the file. I wonder what would happen if you call that url directly?

E-file for VIN correction is now available to correct mistakenly reported VIN numbers and get the IRS stamped Form 7795 Schedule 6 copy for the corrected VIN number.