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How to Make Veg Masala Oats Porridge

Hi. This is very like one of my favourites but I use ghee or oil and a lot more onions, some of them well-browned and a touch of hing. Otherwise much the same and a really lovely winter warmer in West Wales where we have wonderful lamb and mutton (cook mutton longer). Cooking on the bone makes all the difference. Great with porothas and dal.

Easy Chana Masala | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Hi Lauren! We haven 8767 t tried it but it sounds like that would work. If you give it a try, report back on how it goes for other readers! Happy Cooking!

Garam Masala: What It Is and How to Make Your Own

Paul, you could use a thickening agent like Corn Starch (mix equal parts water & Corn Starch to form a 8766 slurry 8767 and slowly add it to the curry at the end of the cooking process while the heat is till on). It requires a small amount of time to cook and thicken the sauce. You can then add a little Lemon or lime Juice for a tart touch.

Hi Kathryn, I have used both and I found that regular yogurt works best because Greek tends to make the sauce grainy. I hope you enjoy it.

As Elaine said you can use a regular pressure cooker. If you don 8767 t have one, boil the cauliflower until tender, drain and then add to the masala sauce.
Yes, roasting should work well too!

I admit to dropping the ball most nights with our vegetable sides. It 8767 s common to see the same tired steamed vegetables accompanying our entries again and again. It 8767 s partly due to lack of energy and enthusiasm on my part and often lack of organization. Oh, yeah, that 8767 s a BIG one. But two things have inspired me recently to improve our weeknight-veggie-side-situation.

Hi, can I mill the spices to powder so I don 8767 t need to find them after cooking or does someone has a substitute amount for powder?

This is hands down the best curry ever. Weve had it twice this week! My hubby loved it so much when I cooked it on Minday that he had to cook it on Thursday when it was his turn.

Wow, cooked this for the first time tonight, wanting to do it for a long time but I thought it may be too hard for me (I 8767 m not a regular thermomixer). However, I bit the bullet & so glad I did, I have an extremely fussy husband & miss 6, who is currently devouring the rest of the chicken straight out of the thermoserver!!! Made the easy naan bread from the RC to go with it, highly recommend.

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